Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design: Jewellery designing is the art and talent of

a designer. Before an article of jewelry is created, design concepts are

rendered followed by detailed technical drawings or with computer

by generated a jewelry designer, Jewelum have a professional who is

trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of materials

fabrication techniques, composition, wear ability and market trends.

Model Making

Model Making: Cast can be made of the wax model itself, the direct method, or of a wax copy of a model that need not be of wax, the indirect method. These are the steps of the indirect process.

1. An artist or mould-maker creates an original model from wax, clay or another material.

2. Most jewelry that is manufactured starts off a wax pattern. Jeweler takes the wax pattern and uses plaster to create an '' invested mold''.

3. A wax model is obtained either from injection into a rubber mould or by being custom-made by carving.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process:-

Jewelry manufacturing is an art that defines the creativity and talent of a designer. The high quality based jewelry defines the authenticity and social status of the individuals. Below we have mentioned jewelry making process.

Jewelry Casting: Jewellery casting is an art that has been in existence for thousands of years. Since the time an artisan melt the metal into cavities shaped in stone, plaster, sand and cuttlefish bone. With the help of advanced technologies, jewelry casting is more dynamic than ever. Melting of metal is done by wax jewelry casting. Through this process, an artisan can make unique and high quality based metal jewelry pieces.

Manufacturing Process

Jewelry Filling: It is one of the most essential processes of jewelry making. In this process, the jewelry makers remove excess metals, even out of the surface to give smooth and clean shape. There are several methods of filling metals and the actual files come in a variety of shapes, grades/cuts, and sizes.

Stone Setting: When the item is completely ready then next process of a jeweler maker to set the stone into a piece of jewelry. Jewelry making process, polishing and cleaning are always done before setting a stone into a piece.

Manufacturing Process

Jewelry Polishing:  With the help of a wide range of machines and handy tools jewelry makers skilled at jewelry polishing. First artisans take a wheel and shape the contour surfaces. Once the desired polishing is achieved, various textures and finishes can be applied to the specifies surface of jewelry

Jewelry quality check: After the final polish and before final packing, the inspection is very necessary. For that jewelry makers passed jewellery in a tested machine, Then send to deliver to a customer.

Jewelry Packing: Packing of jewelry signifies the class of jewelry shop. As jewelry is very precious ornaments it must be packed in a cover that looks royal, handy and protectable.

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