We have Designed your jewelry to wear not to pack and keep away but jewelry always needs spacial attention make you more beautiful every time you wear it. few Does and don't can save your jewelry from major damage and keep their shin and looks forever.

1: Remove jewelry before bath.

2: Remove jewellery when exercise

3: Do not apply perfumes deodorants and cosmetics on your jewelry

4: general Cleaning Agents may discolor your jewelry

5: Natural Gemstones may react with the solutions made for the metal cleaning so if you are trying to clean you jewellery at home do not apply metal cleaning solutions on Gemstones.

6: If your jewelry is not in use pack it in air tight poly bag and keep away from moisture to avoid tarnish of jewelry

7: Heat is an other factor which can damage you jewelry so if you are going to face ab normal heat keep the jewelry away from body

Wish you happy shopping